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About us

Hello! My name is Reverend Eugene Coplin and I am the founder of Project L.E.E., a non-profit organization which offers multiple programs to meet the needs of our youth including Project W.I.T.T..  I believe that each and every young person is filled with potential and that with the right environment, support and opportunity the next generation will change our city, our region and our country for the better. I also believe that we can provide our young people with the tools they need to thrive.

As a young man, I made a series of bad decisions that ultimately led to me facing jail time, but because of the grace of God, I was given an opportunity to start again. This was a turning point for me. I knew that I was made for better. And I knew that God was leading me to do work in the community. Which is why I started Project L.E.E. (Learning & Earning Experiences), Project WITT, Gentlemen’s Day, a Prison Ministry and more…

God saved my life so that I could invest in the lives of others. Today, Project WITT is reaching students in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city of Buffalo. And it is making a huge impact. We have big goals of reaching every student in every school in our region and eventually spreading the positive change throughout the country.  When we give our youth what they need to succeed, they will certainly change the future for the better.

Here are the services that we are offering to improve the lives of our youth:

Award Winning Workshops for Students in Western New York

Professional Staff Development to Public School Teachers

College Organization Motivational Speaking

Life Changing Workshops for Incarcerated Young Adults

Parent Group Presentations

Radio Broadcast (Several Sacred Secrets of Success)

Motivational Speaking in CommunitY Centers and CiviC Organizations

Assembly Programs in Public Schools

Mentoring Programs

Gentlemen's Day Event

Anointed Inspirational Church Sermons

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