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Project W.I.T.T.

Wisdom In Troubled Times

Project W.I.T.T. (Wisdom In Troubled Times), is designed to build a better future by planting seeds of wisdom into the hearts and minds of today's youth.

This program has been in one of Buffalo, NY's hardest schools, for more than four years now.  In that time, grades of the students involved in the program, on average, have dramatically increased, behavioral problems have decreased, as well as the suspension rate for the school.  The students are not only taught how to positively make a change in themselves, but are encouraged to be peer mentors that will provoke change for the betterment of their entire school.  Or, "make history in your school", as Rev. Coplin would put it.  

This program is changing the culture! In a great way!  Teaching the students that they are Kings and Queens.  So they should respect themselves and each other as such. Showing them how to walk with their heads high and encouraging them not only apply the principle taught in school but also at home.

This program has received testimonials from students, parents, faculty and the principal himself.

Project W.I.T.T. is definitely sowing seeds of wisdom that has and will continue to bare an abundance of fruit.

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