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Speak Life Twice!

First to yourself, secondly, to others.

One of the mot unique and talked about methods used in the Project W.I.T.T. Program, to intrinsically motivate the youth, is called "Speak Life Twice".  It is a life changing wisdom, that's  like killing two birds with one stone.  Not only teaching the youth how to build themselves up and positively change the trajectory of their own lives but also how they can profoundly impact and uplift those around them with one simple thing... the words that flow from their lips everyday.

Rev. Coplin has put together "101 Things to Say, To Speak Life Into Your Day". This is not only a good resource for the youth but for everyone. To help anyone get started with the concept of speaking life every single day.  In a day, everyday, one day at a time.  

Your words are so powerful!  So you can speak life or you can speak destruction into your life.  So choose positive affirmations for yourself, your situations and surroundings and then speak kind, loving words to those around you.  You would be surprised how you can truly make a difference in someone's day with just a nice word of encouragement or a compliment.  It could be as easy as nicely saying "Hi".

But just like you are what you eat... your life is what you speak.  So this is why, this aspect of the Project W.I.T.T. Program, is so important and has become a center piece of what the program teaches on a regular basis.  The feedback from the students on how this has changed their lives, in and out of school, have been phenomenal.  Please take a moment and view some of the students testimonials while on this site.

As this concept is proliferated, with the growth of the program as a whole, it will become a movement that sweeps the nation, like it is already sweeping through the school, student's families and communities,  as the students themselves, practice and share it with others.  There is hope n the air.

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