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What Our Students Say...


“I was in a bad place at the beginning of the school year. I was depressed and failing my classes. The staff gave me support, motivation and guidance I needed to move forward. My Grades went from 57 to 82!” -Tirzah

“It has encouraged me to be better. Not only that, but to have a better outlook on life!” -Ashanti

“They helped me change the way I am toward people, my attitude! They make my day go from horrible to good!” -Melanie.

“This program has given me hope and motivation on my worst days. I have been taught that I can overcome any obstacle or challenge that I face, and I believe it. I think it should be in every high school!”  -Kenya

“It's a genuine program. My first day here, I felt like I knew everybody. It's always a learning experience here!” -Kaevon

“It caused me to have no bad days. Literally, no matter what goes on, speaking life twice has kept my attitude and spirit up. For example, I just lost my playoff basketball game and didn't play as good as I played the whole season, but instead of me quitting and giving up, being a part of the W.I.T.T. program makes me go even harder so that I never play any less than my full potential!” -Devante

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